Distribution of knowledge is a scholarly obligation

Governments, businesses, and media may contact the Academy for requesting the national security, economic, and social impact studies of a policy re Muslim nations and communities.

​​​​Legal Scholar Academy offers 
conciliation s​ervices in family and business disputes between Muslims and non-Muslims who wish to s​ettle their differences through sulh and not litigation.  
Attorney at Law
Contact L. Ali Khan, Attorney at Law, for consultation. Send an email message to establish the first contact at ali.abukashif@gmail.com
Policy Consultants

Sulh Services

Legal Scholar


  • Legal Scholar Academy provides expert analysis of international affairs involving Muslim nations and communities. This analysis is critical for foreign policy, public and private investments, national security, and social and cultural exchanges.

  • The Academy provides conciliation services for Muslims who wish to avoid litigation and resolve family and business disputes through sulh.

  • The Academy provides expert opinion/consultancy and other law-related services in secured transactions, negotiable instruments, asset financing, letters of credit, and Islamic financing. 

  • The Academy provides publication services for high-content non-fiction books.